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Over its first 50 years, The Witmer Group has grown and evolved its business to offer a more complete portfolio of services, while continually providing efficiency and quality.  As a result, our reputation has expanded into the Mid-Atlantic states as the premier masonry-related specialty contractor.  In the recent years, it has been The Witmer Group's goal to become "The Total Package", offering complete building envelope solutions.  With the addition of Witmer Roofing, LLC, we have reached our goal.  

"The crews managed were safety conscious, professional, and went out of their way to ensure we, the customer, were treated fairly and were pleased with the work provided." ~Michael N.

With the addition of our Roofing division, it was necessary to add to our team the most qualified of Roofing experts.  Meet Charles "Buddy" Looks, Business Development/Estimator, and General Manager, Tim Smith, who, between the two of them have accumulated over 50 years experience in the field.  Combine their own first-class reputations  built on experience, competence, and dedication to the customer, with the superior work and service for which The Witmer Group is known, and you've got a well-rounded and enriched partnership that is the Witmer team as a whole.

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We build relationships that are partnerships.

We build customer and client partnerships beginning in the design process. The customers' needs and desires are the logical place to start, and only when we understand their goals do we apply our own knowledge to determine the best solutions (a trifecta of appropriate choices, achievable budget and schedule).  We are able to create collaborative relationships when the Customers' needs are met with our expertise.  If you're a Property Manager, Building Owner, Facility Director, General Contractor or Architect, we are with you from the beginning to the end of the project, and now with Witmer Roofing, LLC, from foundation to roof. 

Full roof surveys, EPDM, TPO roof replacements, metal roofing systems...here's what we do:

maintenance programs
emergency repairs
life extension of existing systems
replacement systems for existing facilities
systems for new construction
coatings/waterproofing systems
servicing HVAC contractors
removal of ice dams and snow
roof hatches, skylights, suntubes

structural metal systems
architectural metal systems
custom metal
pre-manufactured metal

cold-processed modified systems

Why Witmer Roofing? Because with the Witmer name comes excellence, from the top down.

For a free estimate contact Charles "Buddy" Looks:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 717.653.1428 ext. 42

Latest News
ABCBaltimore awarded The Witmer Group accolades for the Charles L. Benton Building in Baltimore!

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