Company Profile

The Witmer Group has a reputation for high standards and excellent craftsmanship.

A masonry subcontracting firm originally founded as Witmer & McCoy in 1967, The Witmer Group has evolved into a nationally recognized specialty and service contractor, focused on making new and existing building structures as durable and attractive as possible. We are comprised of entities that perform masonry, restoration, waterproofing, and exterior coatings for large complex commercial, educational and institutional buildings throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The firm is committed to excellence, with an unwavering allegiance to our customers, strategic partners and employees.


New Masonry
Masonry Restoration
Waterproofing, Caulking & Air/Vapor Barrier Systems
High-Performance Exterior Coatings
Investigative Services


  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Facility & Property Managers

  • Private Business Owners

  • General Contractors


Industries Served

  • Commercial, Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Education – Higher Ed & K12
  • Medical & Life Care
  • Cultural & Religious

Our People

As a company, we invest a lot into our people – from identifying and attracting talent to our team, to training them. Over the years, that has really paid off, as seen in the quality of work we perform. We believe our people are an extension and reflection of our values, beliefs and work ethic, so we encourage them to build relationships based on trust and integrity. Now, you begin to understand what lies at the heart of Witmer—what truly sets us apart.