Safety is everyone’s concern. Our clients know that the integrity of their project revolves around best practices in all areas, including in safety and compliance. We adhere to a safety program that minimizes the risk of injuries, loss and damage to property and equipment, and we are proud to go above and beyond all applicable federal and local safety and health regulations. Our policies and procedures are proven successful with every project-specific safety plan we adhere to. Our stellar safety record means peace of mind for you.

We keep it safe for the well-being of our team and for your sense of security.
  • a full-time Safety Director dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all employees at all times
  • an active State-certified Safety Committee that oversees procedures, policies, compliance and regulations
  • project-specific safety plans – because staying safe is more than just adhering to standards; it requires a flexible, dynamic, customized approach for every unique job
  • regular unannounced job site safety audits performed by both our Safety Director third party vendors if it improves our practices, it’s worth the investment – our team has the resources when it comes to state-of-the-art safety-related equipment
  • OSHA-30 trained crew leaders – we spend the time so our safety knowledge is comprehensive
  • regular required training for all employees including an extensive new-hire orientation; job-specific trainings where practices fall outside of the norms; weekly on-the-job reviews of best practices and compliance policies
  • an open door policy over potentially hazardous conditions – our employees know what to look for, and know they have both the right and obligation to stop the job if they see a safety concern
Why Witmer? Because safety benefits us all. Never a short cut - the well-being of our people comes before productivity.