New Masonry

Witmer Masonry, Inc. performs new masonry construction for colleges, hospitals, churches and commercial buildings throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We have partnered with nationally recognized architects, engineers, and contractors to build some of the most notable projects in our region. Whether creating a project that masquerades as an old stately mansion like Franklin & Marshall's New College House or displaying the strength of an organization through its complex masonry fa├žade like Lancaster General Hospital's main entrance, it is clear that the intricate details of our masonry work tell a story of extraordinary craftsmanship.

For nearly a half a century, architects, engineers, contractors, and owners have called on The Witmer Group to take on the most complex new masonry jobs with the tightest schedules (and even tighter budgets) and find a way to work within those parameters.

Keys to a Successful New Construction Project
Collaboration is dependent upon communication, and knowing how to effectively communicate with a network of partners can make or break a new construction project. We work closely with all of the partners involved in a new masonry project. From budgets and timelines to project completion, our team of skilled craftsmen and professional managers work to plan and execute a project safely and efficiently.

Experience & Expertise matter. Whatever project you have in the works, you want to be sure to connect with a top rate, experienced commercial masonry contractor, one with expertise in the construction of varied and complex masonry projects. Working with the right masonry company can make all the difference in the world on your new commercial structure or building.

If you want your building and investment to stand strong with outstanding masonry construction, call The Witmer Group today.