Investigative Services

The Witmer Group team has over 125 years combined experience in masonry and masonry restoration. We offer a comprehensive package of specialized services designed to locate any and all structural deficiencies, forecast future vulnerabilities, and provide complete plans to mitigate and rectify, then strategize preventative measures.

A structure’s safety, integrity, and historic significance are preserved only by giving it qualified attention.

The attention given by: reviewing original design drawings and specifications, surveying and testing existing materials, assessing materials placement, suitability and construction techniques, and reviewing the adequacy of any previous repairs.

We look at the whole picture with a careful and thorough investigation – maintenance and preservation depends on it.

Structures may be built to last for generations, but not without efforts during their life cycles. All structures - historic buildings, office structures, dormitories, industrial buildings, warehouses, sports stadiums, towers, bridges, parking structures - require conditions assessments, skillful repairs, and a long-term maintenance plan.

Services we provide and/or coordinate:

  • Building assessment evaluation
  • Invasive investigation of building components
  • Water and air infiltration testing
  • Laboratory testing of existing materia
  • Emergency stabilization and shoring
  • Pedestrian protection systems
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Anchorage and condition assessments of building veneers
  • Crack and deflection assessments
  • Verification of reinforcing steel within concrete and masonry structures
  • Testing of existing or newly installed anchorage
  • Concrete/masonry core sampling
  • Testing of existing and new sealants
Why Witmer? To ensure the integrity of your building.